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4AM Sound of Tech House
Mixed by Aaron Michelson
:\Run Recordings - Lakeshore

(also available as a 2CD on Lakeshore Entertainment called 'Ultimate Late Night Rave')

Release date: July 23, 2002

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01. Aaron Michelson & Rithma Bleepbloop (Introduction)
02. Coastal Commission On The Rocks
03. Chris Doria Bus Rider
04. E.B.E. Werk'd
05. Monkey Business Monkadelic Phunk (Angel Alanis Rework)
06. Robin Porter & Mike Carr Fathernature (Mateo Murphy Remix)
07. Love Panda (Terry Francis) Metro Circuit
08. Eddie Richards Zig Zag
09. Impossible Beings Special Brew Chick
10. Casey Hogan Uncut
11. Nude Jazz Transition Print
12. Kosmic Messenger (Stacey Pullen) Polyphonic Destruction
13. Scott Findley Deepinit (Souldoubt Remix)
14. Layo & Bushwacka Deep South
15. Nathan Coles Plip Plop You Don't Pop
16. Lypid The Sign's Alive (Montage Men Dub)
17. Kenneth Graham Land Before Time
18. Rithma Caves, Tunnels (Johnny Fiasco remix)
19. Morgan Page Inhale

Tech House is the only genre that celebrates the union of multiple styles of dance music. Rather than define itself in a vacuum by microscopic changes in tempo and technique, Tech House marries the brute force and energy of techno with house music's raw wiggle and jiggle; a sweaty, bouncy amalgam of the best dance music has to offer. This sound lacks the poster boys or super clubs. It's the empowering 4AM bump coming from the clubs where perspiring, mascara-strewn crowds revere chest-seizing sounds over posh interior. And what it does have for spokesmen is mullet-sporting, hard-working, pasty white boys who would risk breaking a nail to rinse a crowd. Flanked by darling duo Layo & Bushwacka!, Tech House found its origins in part as an extension of Chicago house and Detroit techno through a distinctly British lens by artists like Evil Eddie Richards and Terry Francis. As it evolved, a younger crop including Nathan Coles and Impossible Beings found their sounds being increasingly championed in London clubs like Mr. C's The End and Fabric. When it hit American shores, established West Coast techno dons like Kenneth Graham gave their British counterparts a run
for their money, while the house-broken set including Rithma, Casey Hogan, Morgan Page and Scott Findley brought their own sensibilities to this ever-evolving sound. Compiled and mixed by DJ and veteran music journalist Aaron Michelson, the 4AM Sound of Tech House's solid selection features both the cream of name-checked Tech House producers and their future offspring. Sell-by skeptics be damned, as the second volume of the 4AM Sound of series delivers the freshest late-night sounds of techno and house music in a battle-ready, foot-friendly continuous mix.

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