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Former Director of the world-famous Green House Record Pool and part-time employee of Los Angeles's This is Music specialty DJ shop, Aaron Michelson is currently the Director of Publicity and Promotions for Ubiquity Records, a host and DJ at the Dirty Dirty House Club at Akbar (Thursdays in LA), and co-founder of Los Angeles's premier techno weekly Duotone (curently on hiatus). His first commercial mix CD entitled
4AM Sound of Tech House” was released by :\Run Recordings in the US, July 23, 2002 to critical acclaim. And to date Michelson has recorded eight exclusive mixes for Music Choice in New York which reaches 32 million listeners through its commercial-free digital cable/satellite Dance/Electronica channels. He’s played with acts as diverse as Mouse on Mars, Rithma, John Selway, Recloose, Roy Davis Jr., Mr. C, Inland Knights, Juan Atkins, John Tejada, Joshua Gabriel, John Beltran, Kenneth Graham and Q-Burns Abstract Message, and was selected by Blackbook Magazine to headline an exclusive Diesel Shoes/Blackbook unveiling in West Hollywood (and got a nice pair of treads for it). 2004 marks Michelson's fourth year of spinning records in Miami at the Winter Music Conference. Who is to say that this one-time music journalist turned Pittsburgh mixshow jock would end up on the West Coast slinging records? Tell that to the same kid twelve years ago as he chopped together mixes on his father’s Denon turntable using a slipmat made of stacked Kleenex.

Just a few days after moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the fall of 1997, Michelson walked into WRCT-FM and signed up for a radio show.  He was taken under the wing of prolific local DJs Sean Goller and Matt Drown (a.k.a. The Techno Terrorists), and with their guidance (the same proffered years earlier to a young Damian Higgins who would later lead the drum ‘n’ bass siege on America as Dieselboy) Michelson developed his new show – the now legendary BleepbloopRadio - into one of Pittsburgh’s leading progressive electronic mixshows while building on his identity and style as a DJ. Week to week, BleepbloopRadio offered the latest in techno, house, drum ‘n’ bass and experimental sounds. There were no guidelines – just keep it fresh and diverse. And on the side, Michelson released four mix CDs ranging from tech-house on “Intellect / Aesthetic” to deep house and disco on “Searching for Soul in the Funk Ambulance”, drum ‘n’ bass on “Moving Violation” and 34 tracks of straight-up techno on “The Pittsburgh Left.” The show aired until Michelson’s move to Los Angeles in June, 2001.

Outside of radio, Michelson promoted several intimate club nights during his tenure in Pittsburgh. The first, a six month weekly residency at Zythos called Grounded saw him spinning deep house music and techno Wednesdays through to early 2000. The following summer, joined by Pittsburgh techno stalwart DJ Stream, they promoted a short-lived tech-house night at Pluto’s called No Red Stopping (rumours of the club’s closing range from drug dealing to an in-house escort service). And up to his move to Los Angeles, he dominated the Thursday night afterhours Liquified by repeatedly pounding techno into the floorboards, despite fierce competition in the after hours circuit.

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